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free game Knock em all Knock em all

games > Push

Shoot the enemies before they get too close so you can go platform by platform and earn money before you reach the finish line. Upgrade your stats with money to make it easier. Shoot them in the head to destroy them and in the body to push them over.

free game Push my chair Push my chair

games > Push

Move around the enclosure and aim by looking at an enemy and attacking them to push them out of the enclosure. The last one alive wins

free game Fall down party Fall down party

games > Push

Stay on the platform that appears on the big screen. If you touch one of the other characters you can push them off their platforms.

free game Food pusher challenge Food pusher challenge

games > Push

Take the green food and then give it to the goat to make it stronger so that it can push the other goat harder and make it fall. If you give him hamburger his strength will decrease and he will go further back. You can use the powers below

free game Roldana Roldana

games > Push

The money will fall between the gray elements, the goal is to make it pass between the wheels as fast and as much as possible to fill the bar at the top left to pass to the next level. To do this click on the green options below and the wheels will spin faster or make more force to push the money.

free game Color valley Color valley

games > Push

You must have a lot of skill to overcome this game, where the objective is to get to the star without touching the sea of colors that will prevent it

free game Marbleous mission Marbleous mission

games > Push

Make the ball reach its destination by passing all the levels.

free game The red ball The red ball

games > Push

The red ball must move on and you must help her jump all obstacles and collect all stars

free game Pumps and pirates Pumps and pirates

games > Push

Have the male pirate meet the female pirate.

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